A. By “total” solar eclipse we mean that the entire disk of the sun will be blocked out for a short time. Total solar eclipses happen when the moon, during its normal orbit, falls precisely between the sun and Earth, completely blocking the sun’s light from the vantage point of some location on Earth.

Anderson and Ms. Mojica always felt as though some students had struggled to relate to the literature accessible in the school current library resources/inventory, with a limited selection for each grade level. To address this problem, the teachers went through the grant application process through NYSUT which would enable them to purchase more diverse literature to reach all the school student body, and to foster a deeper connection and love for reading..

And I are partners and we always do our best to win. It these family moments of travel, music, food, celebration or just being together in which I know how lucky I am to have such an amazing grandmother in my Nan Pearl. Northern Pen recurring feature looks at the lives of seniors along the Northern Peninsula and southern Labrador.

Gen. Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, has said recently that whatever the future size of the Army, it must adapt to conditions that are different from what many soldiers have become accustomed to during more than a decade of war. He said many have the misperception that the Army is no longer busy..

Does the thought of being cooped up indoors watching a game bore you to tears? If so, take him on a trip to see his favorite professional team or player. Or, for a more relaxed date, go to a local Middle School or High School game. You love the energy.

Owe the Waupun Memorial Hospital Auxiliary so much, says DeAnn Thurmer, WMH chief operating officer. Have been such a valued partner for the duration of our history, and we have appreciated their spirit, passion and friendships. As with many hospital auxiliaries, it has grown increasingly difficult to fill key leadership roles as members continue to age and it is increasingly difficult to recruit younger members.

Get in the kitchen. You have to practice cooking to become proficient. If someone you know is a good home cook and understands how to create a healthy, simple meal, make a cooking date. Went through the Caribbean. But when that route was shut down, cocaine began to come through Mexico. That gave the Mexican organizations an increasingly important role in the trafficking of cocaine, the most profitable of drugs.