The father provided this information: that he had received a call from the child great grandmother stating that the mother boyfriend has been beating on his son, and that he ( the father ) had been told that the child has a black eye, bruises all over him, and a hand print on his face. The father gave the mother address but also stated the mother was staying with her boyfriend at a different address, which he also provided. The father stated that the grandmother told him that he needed to do something about this.

Florida has a constitutional revision meeting every 20 years, yet the county charter commission meets every four years. How can it be that a state as big as Florida has such a long, thoughtful period before offering voters an opportunity to change the highest law in the state while the county goes through this controversial exercise every four years? Interestingly, Maxwell wrote a news article in January 2000 questioning the mayor influence over the process. Maybe this year charter commission should do the same as in 2000, adjourning without passing any agenda items..

The sheer volume of bands at Primavera and its one of a kind set up could take up a few more thousand words than this. Probably a few thousand more after that. The truth is it can be any sort of festival you choose: you could make it a stamina testing marathon, cramming in every act possible.

The kids are almost back in school, and the annual summer tourism crush in Europe is subsiding. With the return of fall comes some of the best weather of the year, which makes this a great time to visit any number of top European destinations. In no particular order, here are 10 great spots both tried and new..

I’m reading a lot of emails from friends and acquaintances over there who speculate that leaderless students can’t stay out there forever, that they’ll eventually get tired and the government will just wait them out a good thing considering the alternative. This has started to happen. One reason is that many people believed that if the demonstrations persisted, within a week or so there would have been an order for the non lethal use of force by Hong Kong police, and that if the Hong Kong police couldn’t scatter the demonstrators, the Chinese government would send in paramilitary police or even military forces to do so..

See where our brave Viking’s story began and why he made Corner Brook his winter vacation destination for 42 years. Yes, once upon a time before he was Leif the Lucky, he was Leif the Unlucky. Tickets must be purchased in advance February 1 to 14th.