Safwan holds degrees in industrial engineering from Purdue, and he received a doctoral degree from Stanford in industrial engineering and engineering management. He has been honored as the Singhvi Professor of the Year for Scholarship in the Classroom, and received the Robert W. Lear Service Award, the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching a Core Course, and the American Service Award from the American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee..

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After numerous public meetings, amendments, re writes and discussions, the South of Devon Industrial Area Structure Plan (ASP) has been officially adopted by Leduc County council.Council unanimously passed second and third reading to amend a bylaw allowing for the adoption of the long worked on ASP, which will give way to new industrial related business in an area just south of the Town of Devon along Highway 19.The ASP is the first step in implementing the Town of Devon/Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP), which identifies future industrial development opportunities both the county and town will benefit from.IDP is the overarching planning framework the [town and county] have adopted jointly and provides our shared vision for development, explained Jordan Evans, manager of long range planning with the county.The adoption of the ASP puts the policy framework to be in place to begin development on the lands south of Devon, but actual development won occur for at least a few years.The lands are designated for light industrial, business industrial and medium industrial. According to a report completed by the MMM group, their forecast for development won start on the lands within the ASP until around 2019.the best understanding we have from a technical point of view for a timeline of development. A lot of onus is on the developers in the area and how to get the process started and around 2019 is when we think it could all fall into place.