Its comprehensive service offerings, Glacier Commercial Realty can guide clients through the real estate process and deliver results quickly. Using the company’s personal approach, the most effective strategies and solutions are identified, and then implemented by the company complementary divisions services include:Advisory and Valuation Servicesour new office in Las Colinas, we are well positioned to handle clients throughout North Texas and be ready when the market takes off,” states Andrew Beckman, co managing partner for Glacier. “Although we are expanding our resources and capabilities, our goal is to remain a small company with a dedicated team of seasoned veterans who work with each client directly.

Interestingly enough, Rossland, even with its snowy winters, is an ideal climate. Our solar resource in terms of hours of sunshine over the course of a year is very nearly on par with the likes of Kelowna and Grand Forks. On top of that, PV solar panels operate at higher efficiencies the colder it is and the higher altitude one is at.

It all comes back to identifying talent and recruiting. In hockey, the men’s program has been in very good shape, playing in an extremely competitive conference. Eighty per cent of the players are in their first or second year of university play, so it’s an exceptionally young hockey team, but exceptionally talented as well.

DEAR TOM AND RAY: My husband, who has not had an accident in the 20 years I known him, drives in a way that makes me nervous. Specifically, I feel like I am in a video game when I sit in the front seat with him. Images of cars, people, trees, etc., appear to fly in my face as he drives up to cars really quickly and then around them just as quickly.

Memory stick? No, that a computer thing. The only thing I know less about than computers is make up but so far I haven tried to insert lip gloss into a USB port. It was some sort of stick used for make up. The first fly in the night cream ointment was that the referencing article was not adequately illustrated. So I didn know precisely what a make up stick looked like. Or even imprecisely.

Lewis said it would be unfair to give one employee back pay for unused sick pay. Whatever your term for jargon, a move is under way to keep it off the City Commission agenda so that more people can follow discussions during public meetings. Commissioner Dan Lewis wants an addendum to the regular agenda written in “plain English.” “To the average person, our agenda really doesn’t mean anything at all..