His last interaction with the “Animal House” star was after a gig at the Lone Star Cafe in New York City. It was raining hard and Malone knew he’d never catch a cab, so he asked Belushi for a ride home in his limo. Belushi agreed, but insisted Malone had to first hang out at his place for a while..

What followed though was a realization that as roommates they were getting on better with each other because the pressure of the marriage was gone. Instead of going into the future with nothing but heartache these ingenious couples set some new rules and embarked on a brand new way of living together. They knew that eventually they would be divorced but not until their debts were all settled and their children properly cared for..

Project like this is cross curricular, said Blair Proctor, a senior physics teacher at Lloydminster and supervisor for the students. In general is not categorized into three general categories. [With this project], students had the ability to study biology, to use equipment based in physics and also study chemistry.

You hear the falls long before you see them. Once you arrive your ears and eyes draw you up to the top of the falls. Taking in the cascading water, your eyes will slowly draw you the length of the first fall. Cuplus is a unique product that can be placed inside one of the spaces in the cupholder and can be used to store two beverages at a time while the other space can be used to keep the smaller items. It is portable and adjustable as per convenience and by using two Cuplus the user can place upto four beverages at the same time in the car. It securely holds multiple kinds of beverages while driving..

The National Spelling Bee word panel has compiled a list consisting of more than 750 words that will be used in the national competition. All 251 competing spellers receive cash prizes ranging from $75 to $12,000 for the national champion. Savings bond.

Cops think the team assaulted and robbed up 40 or more people in a two week period. The punk asses used their fists, handguns and a rifle to facilitate the robberies; weapons were recovered at Roberson’s house 16220 North 7th Street after cops served a search warrant on Friday. Cops believe they’ve arrested most of the suspects at this point.

The Wildthangs 16U fast pitch softball team poses for a photo after playing in a “Ghostbusters” themed game and won the BASE Halloween Classic in Benton over the weekend. It kicked off the tournament with a win in the warm up game and went on to win the next three games placing them in the championship game which they won with its fourth shut out of the day. The team went undefeated and brought home the rings.