There are hundreds of moai scattered around this isolated island locals call Rapa Nui and that their Chilean government calls Isla Pascua. I find out on one of my tours that the moai are believed to be likenesses of deceased relatives, in some cases complete with red stone knots that mimic the way natives piled their hair on their heads in ancient days. The best guess is that the statues were carved sometime after the island was settled by roving Polynesians, possibly from the Marquesas Islands and likely between 800 and 1200 AD..

As Election Day draws near, however, the importance of grand strategy tends to fade. “There comes a point in late September and early October in which it is too late to build a coalition, too late to fundraise to any appreciable degree,” said Green. “At that point, the strategies are set, the economy is what it is, any foreign wars have done what they will do.

When time comes to enroll in Medicare, take the time to choose a Medigap policy. The sooner you do, the better. There is a time limit to getting the best coverage. He not patronizing. He does not talk down to us. He knows how to calm us down in high stress situations, says senior shortstop Angel Harrison..

“This project would not be possible without the dedication of generous volunteers,” said project coordinator Janine Kohn. “Frogs and toads are indicators of habitat quality and provide valuable information on the condition of Minnesota’s wetlands. Volunteers’ reports help us track the health of the state’s frog and toad populations and, therefore, wetlands and water quality.”.

“That was my category but everyone is kind of grouped in together you time trial on Thursday and then that seeds you into quarter finals, semis whatnot. So you time trail against all the lightweight men in Canada which was cool. That would include the senior national team under 23s and juniors and they do the same for heavyweight men’s and women’s singles and pairs..

A: It starts with the content of the show, I do, yeah. I mean, you know I’ve been doing this a long time and sometimes you just don’t get a very good vibe, you just kind of know the show’s not gonna gel, the cast isn’t going to gel, the story’s just not there or whatever. But with “,” as (with) “Dawson’s I get a very good feeling that people are really gonna like this show.

When Honan and Tony took over from Patrick as lead organizers 10 or so years ago, they added the youth divisions to the tournament. “We added the kids part to it because we thought it would be better to have a family event where the guys could play hockey but also coach the kids,” Honan explained. “And then it brings all the families out together.”.