I going to be focused on the people, the possibility and the potential. That has always been my mantra, and what I mean by that is, again, Canada is a large area and it difficult for residents to feel that the federal government specifically is working for them. I have spent the campaign, as we door knocking or talking to the seniors or making presentations at school events, breaking it down and making them comfortable and understanding how these larger pieces of legislation actually do impact their lives each and everyday.

Difficult because we know we in an age when we disintegrating, he continued. Know we not going to be young and healthy and virile anymore, so love is more a matter of affection and passion. And gee, it nice to have someone to be affectionate with; to sit and hold hands with, and look at the sunrise and sunset, and listen to music together.

Vivek Bhardwaj, left, head of software for BlackBerry, and Thorsten Heins, CEO of Research in Motion, which is changing its name to BlackBerry, introduce the video share capability of the Blackberry 10, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013 in New York. The maker of the BlackBerry smartphone is promising a speedy browser, a superb typing experience and the ability to keep work and personal identities separate on the same phone, the fruit of a crucial, long overdue makeover for the Canadian company.

Samson said funding was available for the school to remain open and the decision to close it this year is a reflection of poor leadership by MacDonald and the superintendent of schools Jack Beaton. He notes that parents are meeting in the near future to discuss funding for legal costs given they also have legal representation from Cox and Palmer of Halifax. At that meeting there will be an update on the legal action being taken against the board..

Grab a hot chocolate and stroll around downtown to enjoy trees, windows, doors, and patios dripping in lights and dipped in peppermint. Businesses will be decked in peppermint themed decorations to add to the over 100,000+ lights and garlands draped throughout trees and parks. Snap some family photos in front of store windows competing in the Window Wonderland now through January 7..

Like writing a generic email, just saying ‘hi’ or the variant ‘hey’ is a wasted opportunity to get your emails opened. You can create interest by using the subject line to reference something you’re going to mention in the email, or you can try and be clever or make a tease. If none of this is you though, you can personalize the email by using the person’s dating handle in the subject line.