City wide Clean up Day The City of Cheyenne will allow city residents to take unwanted items to the Transfer Station for free on Saturday. The Transfer Station will be open from 6:30 am 5 pm. You must bring a water or another utility bill to prove you are a city resident..

This season seems to have flown by as we are already talking about harvest in July. There are other wineries in California picking grapes as early as last week for sparkling wines and early harvest varieties. At JUSTIN, we are getting closer and closer.

If you own a business that has to deal with hazardous waste, then it is critical that all staff is properly trained. There are courses available from accredited schools that teach all the necessary information on how to properly handle hazardous waste, how to comply with regulations, and how to properly ship and recycle waste. Some schools also offer on site training.

Shoaling in Hatteras Inlet has become a critical safety issue with adverse impacts on the charter fishing boat fleet, commercial fishing, and recreational fishing. Dredging of the connecting channel between Hatteras Village and Hatteras Inlet is under way. It is anticipated that it may take three to four weeks for the dredging of this shorter route to the ocean to be completed.

Maye was arrested at the home. Department of Correction online records show Maye was convicted in 2012 of three counts of felony breaking and entering vehicles. April 21: rear ground window of 31 year old woman home forced open; Sony PlayStation 3 valued at $100 stolen; investigation ongoing.

I wish now that I had never listened to Javed Miandad. I should have gone back home, trained, and then gone to England for the county season. My grouse is with my own board. Head of management, they act as the relevant administrators of Site 19 and all other facilities, given almost full autonomy and much nicer offices. Level 4 security clearance also permits access to the most sensitive of the Foundation’s data, including personnel files and sensitive personal information, such as your [DATA EXPUNGED]. Let’s try to keep that down from now on.The recovery of an SCP is an event that can yield more experience in regards to an artifact than any amount of laboratory testing.

In the last few months the Casket has been more colourful with more photos, puzzles, games and cartoons. Videos, created by multi media journalist Rachel Psutka, are regularly featured on our website alongside articles by Corey LeBlanc, Gail MacDougall and Richard MacKenzie. Our new modular sizes, frequency discounts, reduced colour costs and increased website presence allows for greater flexibility and reach for advertisers to get their message to customers..