Let me start with a piece of good news. Texas is one of the friendliest states in terms of employer protection. Our state follows the “employment at will” rule, which means that, with limited exceptions, an employee can be fired without warning and without cause.

One very interesting feature of this trail is the memorial to Peter ‘Lordly’ Verigin that’s located about four kilometres in. The memorial is located at the site of the bomb attack that killed the Dukhobour leader and on October 29, 1924 near the now abandoned town of Fallon. A time bomb planted under Verigin’s seat killed 20 out of 22 passengers in his carriage, including an MLA..

The Leduc West Antique Society 25th anniversary will also mark the date of the largest antique truck and tractor show of the year in Western Canada.On July 25 and 26, the Western Canada International Harvester Club (IHC) will put on a parade to showcase an enormous collection of antique tractors, trucks, engines, and tools.A wide range of models will be displayed the oldest tractors will be from the late 1800 and the oldest truck will be from 1907, but they are all created by the International Harvester company.could sit and talk to you for hours about the history of the company and why we want to make sure that people are aware of it they really did have a lot of remarkable engineering that went into their parts, Bernie Yakimyshyn said.His involvement in the club is heavy he is one of the founding directors, truck director, editor of the newsletter, and the 2015 show co chairman for the western Canadian IHC sect, chapter 38.Yakimyshyn grew up with International Harvester. His father was an IHC dealer, so he spent many hours working in the dealership and using the equipment on the family farm. Yakimyshyn noted that this was typical of most people involved with the club to have a connection in some way to the company, and to the vehicles and equipment it produced.all see red, he laughed.Chapter 38 was formed in 2006 as a formal IHC club.

Karen Welton of Baddeck was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. After she finished treatment, she found yoga really helped her get back her energy levels. Welton soon began looking for yoga tops she could wear as a mastectomy client. Stems, on the other hand, exhibit negative gravitropism since they grow upwards and against the force of gravity (see Figure 1). If you place a plant on its side or even upside down, the stem will curve its way up and the roots will curve their way down. During germination, this helps ensure that the seedling’s stem will eventually find its way up out of the ground and grow towards the Sun while the roots will keep growing downward into the soil.